About Jane's Frames

Jane's Frames possesses those rare qualities we find in but a few individuals/groups.

Jane's Frames, founded by Jane Curran in 1991, was located in historic downtown Franklin, MA  for 23 years, before closing the retail location on April 30th, 2018, in order to ease into semi-retirement.

Jane will continue to pursue her love of art and community through new initiatives in the near future.

The mission continues to be conservation and preservation of art. Coming from an arts & education background, Jane has studied calligraphy, watercolor, illustration,  drawing and Zentangle. She continues her education in framing, art and drawing in order to bring the most extensive knowledge possible to her endeavors.

Jane is proud to be Certified Picture Framers (CPF), a designation awarded by the Professional Picture Framers Assoc. after extensive study and knowledge of all types of art and its' proper handling. Needlework, photography, and framing of objects are also part of the curriculum of study. The staff stays abreast of the latest studies of conservation, as well as changes in technology as it applies to art, framing, memorabilia & photography. The professionals at Jane's Frames continually seek to educate the public about the care and treatment of art to allow your framed piece to last through many generations. Their knowledge about the proper care and treatment of art and their expert design capabilities give a higher meaning to the word service.

We put the in custom picture framing